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Growing accessories

All the accessories you need to cultivate mushrooms in the cleanest way possible.


Plastic autoclavable filter jars. Perfect for growing your own mushrooms. Available in the sizes: 280 and 1200 ml.

Available in: 280 ml 1200 ml

Guanti Sterili

The use of sterile gloves is essential for the cultivation of mushrooms.


For sterile cultivation of mushrooms.


An important component of substrate used in the cultivation of mushrooms. Helps keeping humidity levels high.


Rice flour (organic), for the cultivation of mushrooms.

Sachetto di Filtro

Autoclavable bag with a microscopic filter for the cultivation of mushrooms. Size: 10 x 20 x 50 cm.

Thermo Mat

Ultra-thin infrared heating mat, for safe and uniform heat distribution. Heats the grow kit and keeps the activity of the substrate on level during the colder months of the year.


Vermiculite is a soil conditioner and growing medium for hydroponics. Contrary to perlite, it absorbs water. In mushroom cultivation it's used to regulate the humidity of substrates.