Herbal formulas based on LSA seeds and other psychedelic ingredients. These products are best appreciated in the company of trusted friends, in nature or at home.

#SLICE Magic Thunder

Le potenti forze della natura e della magia si sono scontrati di testa per uscirne con questa barra SLICE. Il Tuono Magico ha potenti effetti psichedelici che trascendono le spiegazioni terrestri. Con...

Algerian Blend

This potent mixture of six different herbs is pleasant to taste and in large amounts it gives an opium-like high - mellow and relaxing.

Druids Fantasy

These pills contain crushed Morning Glory seeds and taurine. Druids Fantasy induces a powerful visionary trance that lasts more than six hours. Mild feelings of nausea are fairly common and usually di...


Kryptonite is a stimulating and psychedelic mix. It combines the seeds of the Ololiuqui (Turbina corymbosa), a shamanic entheogen, with a wide a variety of euphoric herbs and nutrients.

Available in: 3 caps, 5 pieces 6 caps, 5 pieces

SLICE Power Spice

SLICE Power Spice combines uplifting relaxation with a potent psychedelic effect. Formulated with kratom, salvia, wormwood and marihuanilla extract.

SLICE Trance Sensation

Trance Sensation is the most psychedelic SLICE herbal bar and one that may pleasantly surprise even the most experienced psychonauts. Contains salvia extract, marihuanilla extract and bay bean.


Stargate is a new state-of-the-art herbal formula that comes very close to ‘the real thing’. It contains a clever combination of energy and euphoria stimulants that will boost every sensation to the...

Available in: 6 caps pack, 5 pieces 24 caps pack, 5 pieces

Trip E

The name Trip-E says it all. Let the psychedelic wave carry you higher and higher. Trip-E caps contain Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds, which cleanse the doors of perception.