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Super Strains

SuperStrains is the proud inventor of the world-renowned Amnesia strain. This legendary plant and multiple cup winner is still a cornerstone of their collection.

7th Wave (Super Strains) feminized

The 7th Wave by Super Strains is a slow grower and an early finisher, so plant her as early as possible.

Available in: 3 seeds 5 semi

Amajikoym (Super Strains) feminized

As can be expected with this sativa dominant variety, the effect is strong and gradual, almost sneaky, but high.

Available in: 3 seeds 5 semi

Amnesia (Super Strains) feminized

A legend made available for every home-grower! The original Amnesia by Super Strains

Available in: 5 semi 3 seeds

Automatic Fini (Super Strains) feminized

Automatic Fini is based on AK-47. Spicy and sweet taste.

Available in: 3 seeds 5 semi

DFA Autoflowering (Super Strains) femini...

An easy to grow autoflowering variety, a complex cross of Enemy of the State, Indica and Sativa strains.

Available in: 3 seeds 5 semi

El Cucaracha (Super Strains) feminized

El Cucaracha is one mellow plant that is easy to grow. As much of a persistent survivor as the cockroach is has been named after.

Available in: 3 seeds 5 semi

Enemy of The State (Super Strains) femin...

Enemy of the State is a descendant of Top 44 and Victory.

Available in: 5 semi 3 semi

Next Of Kin (Super Strains) feminized

Next of Kin is made for warmer climates.

Available in: 3 seeds 5 semi

Turing Autoflowering (Super Strains) fem...

Turing has a very short blooming time with a maximum of 8 weeks.

Available in: 3 seeds 5 semi