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Dutch Passion has been developing, upgrading, producing and selling Cannabis seeds since 1987, making them one of the first Dutch seed companies. In 1998 they made a major breakthrough in Cannabis seed technology, through the development of "feminized" Cannabis seeds. Under the right growing conditions these "feminized seeds" give rise to only female plants.

The basis of their success is the genetic control Dutch Passion has over their strains and the constant influx of new genetics that they obtain worldwide. Upgrading their seed stock is their constant concern. In addition to the genetics of their Cannabis seed varieties, they specifically select for the ripeness, size and germination rate (95%) of their seeds.

Blueberry (Dutch Passion)

Dutch Passion's Original Blueberry is a mostly Indica (80% Indica, 20% Sativa) strain, that dates to the late 1970’s. A large producer under optimum conditions.

Available in: 3 seeds 5 seeds


This variety was strongly improved in 1998, a breakthrough in the development of this variety. A sturdy plant with the power and yield of the famous Northern Lights #5. Hybridized with the best of our...

Available in: 3 seeds 5 seeds

Bubba Island Kush (Dutch Passion) femini...

This feel-good indica by Dutch Passion grows fast, tastes amazing and is the perfect fit for anyone who likes to turn their bud into hash or concentrates.

Available in: 5 semi 3 semi

California Orange (Dutch Passion)

A stabilized hybrid, inbred since 1980. Can be extremely resinous, even the leaves. 50% Sativa, 50% Indica. Some plants have a pronounced citrus aroma and flavour. Very strong, fairly clear high.

Available in: 3 seeds 5 seeds

CBD Charlotte's Angel (Dutch Passion) fe...

We welcome Dutch Passion’s first low THC variety, CBD Charlotte’s Angel.

Available in: 5 semi 3 semi

CBD Kush (Dutch Passion)

CBD Kush is another CBD rich variety produced together with the CBD Crew. This variety produces cannabis with a 1:1 ratio of CBD:THC. The variety was developed primarily for medical users who often va...

Available in: 3 seeds 5 seeds

CBD SkunkHaze (Dutch Passion) femminizza...

CBD Skunk Haze è il frutto di un progetto tra Dutch Passion e CBD Crew. L’obiettivo era di raggiungere un rapporto ottimale 1:1 THC:CBD, a scopo medicinale.

Available in: 3 semi 5 semi

Desfrán (Dutch Passion) femminizzato

Desfrán è una varietà leggendaria nell’America del Sud, vincitrice più volte di numerosi premi per la qualità della sua cannabis.

Available in: 5 seeds 3 seeds

Durban Poison (Dutch Passion)

Imported from South Africa, produced in Holland. Exclusively inbred, never hybridized, 100% Sativa. Does very well under artificial light. A very popular variety.

Available in: 3 seeds 5 seeds

Euforia (Dutch Passion)

Developed by the breeders from Dutch Passion in 1996. A very fine Skunk selection, very commercial, very heavy bloom and a bumper harvest. 2nd price "High Times Cup" 2000, 1st price "Highlife Cup" 200...

Available in: 3 seeds 5 seeds

Freddy's Best (Dutch Passion)

Freddy is a legendary cannabis breeder who for over 20 years has given the world strains such as Blueberry, Mazar, Passion #1, Orange Bud, Strawberry Cough and many others.

Available in: 3 semi 5 semi

Frisian Dew (Dutch Passion)

The most beautiful outdoor variety Dutch Passion has ever encountered. A Super Skunk female x Purple Star male. Absolute premium quality outdoor strain. A must for the outdoor grower.

Available in: 3 seeds 5 seeds

Frisian Duck (Dutch Passion) femminizzat...

Frisian Duck è una pianta di cannabis unica: robusta ma facile da coltivare, perfetta per i principianti. Per qualsiasi coltivatore che abbia un angolo soleggiante sul balcone o in giardino, la colti...

Available in: 3 semi 5 semi

Glueberry O.G. (Dutch Passion) feminized

Big yielder that grows best indoors.

Available in: 5 seeds 3 seeds

HiFi 4G (Dutch Passion) femminizzati

La Dutch Passion team mira sempre a stare al passo con le ultime genetiche e la nostra rete nordamericana ha fornito una vera offerta di alta fLa edeltà.

Available in: 5 semi 3 semi

Hollands Hope (Dutch Passion)

One of the first Dutch Outdoor strains, grown in Holland since the early eighties. A heavy Indica variety with a knock-out stoned. Very mold resistant.

Available in: 3 seeds 5 seeds

Jorges Diamonds #1 (Dutch Passion)

Dutch passion is pleased to work together with Jorge Cervantes in their mutual project: "Jorge’s Diamonds". It's a unique resin-packed Indica-dominant strain that is potent, sweet, flavorful and incr...

Available in: 3 seeds 5 seeds

Master kush (Dutch Passion)

A F1 cross between two different Hindu-kush strains. Yield is high. Excellent taste and strong high. One of Dutch Passion's favorites.

Available in: 3 seeds 5 seeds


This is an upgraded selection of Dutch Passion's valued former Afghan/Skunk. Very good “up” high. As both parents are very consistent, the offspring is very consistent too.

Available in: 3 seeds 5 seeds

Meringue (Dutch Passion) femminizzati

Questa varietà di semi femminizzati è un ibrido ricco di THC a dominanza Indica, ha una fioritura principalmente di tipo Sativa, quindi molto alta, con un fumo elegante e un retrogusto dolce sull'es...

Available in: 5 semi 3 semi

Mokum's Tulip (Dutch Passion) femminizza...

Questo fenotipo di Gelato è arrivato in "Mokum" (il vecchio nome ebraico / yiddish per Amsterdam) ed è stato incrociato con un vigoroso individuo Sherbet che si appoggia anche al lato dolce della fa...

Available in: 5 semi 3 semi

Night Queen (Dutch Passion)

Night Queen was an original 1980’s Dutch Passion classic, around even before Dutch Passion became a registered seed company. Night Queen is one of those rare genuine hash-plant smokes, a rich herita...

Available in: 3 semi 5 semi

Orange Bud (Dutch Passion)

A 100% Skunk selection, grows with thick hard buds and orange pistils. A very appreciated variety.

Available in: 3 seeds 5 seeds

Orange Hill Special (Dutch Passion)

Orange Hill Special is an exceptional Orange Skunk selection, a new addition to our Orange family. She was developed with genetics from our much loved Orange Bud and Californian Orange varieties, two...

Available in: 3 seeds 5 seeds

OutLaw (Dutch Passion)

OutLaw is a top quality old-school Haze dominant Sativa that will appeal to both beginners and connoisseur growers alike

Available in: 3 semi 5 semi

Pamir Gold (Dutch Passion)

Pamir Gold originated in the western Himalayas of Tadzjikistan. The plant was adapted to the high altitudes of the Swiss Alps during several years of selective breeding. Once selected, seeds were rep...

Available in: 3 seeds 5 seeds

Passion Fruit (Dutch Passion) feminized

An explosion of fruity tastes with high yields.

Available in: 3 seeds 5 seeds


Passion #1 is an Indica variety developed in California in the seventies and has been grown outdoors in Holland since 1980. Smokes soft with a citruslike aroma and has a good high. Easy to grow, grows...

Available in: 3 seeds 5 seeds


Power Plant (mostly Sativa) was developed by us in 1997 from new South African genetics. This strain has been inbred only, never hybridized. Very rich in THC. It is a strain with an enormous grow pote...

Available in: 3 seeds 5 seeds

Purple #1 (Dutch Passion)

Purple#1 is the world famous classic original purple variety that dates back to the early 1980’s and has been treasured for it’s uniquely beautiful purple colourings and great high

Available in: 3 seeds 5 semi

Shaman (Dutch Passion)

This is Dutch Passion's former variety Purple /Skunk. This variety is a hybrid (F1) of Purple#1 and an early Skunk. About 50% of the plants turn purple during flowering.

Available in: 3 seeds 5 seeds

Skunk #11 (Dutch Passion)

A very nice Skunk selection. Good results in yield and "High". Dutch Passion's cheapest, but nevertheless "quality" feminized seeds.

Available in: 3 seeds 5 seeds

SnowBud (Dutch Passion)

SnowBud is Dutch Passion's second “High Altitude” variety. SnowBud is a hybrid of Afghani and South African genetics. As with Pamir Gold the selection work is done in the Swiss Alpes.

Available in: 3 seeds 5 seeds

Strawberry Cough (Dutch Passion)

A very productive plant of high value as a medicinal herb. Bred for its euphoric, anti-anxiety high, this mostly sativa (approx. 75% Sativa 25% Indica) produces a comfortable and enjoyable, yet powerf...

Available in: 3 seeds 5 seeds

The Edge (Dutch Passion)

If you’re a fan of strong old-school Skunk varieties with bumper harvests then this is a perfect choice. The Edge delivers a powerful and uplifting high which transitions into a strong stone.

The Ultimate (Dutch Passion)

Through careful breeding Dutch Passion has created one of their most important strains. Dutch Passion calls it “The Ultimate” as it combines some of the heaviest yields they have ever seen with genu...

Available in: 3 seeds 5 seeds

Think Fast (Dutch Passion) femminizzato

Think Fast ha ereditato le copiosissime rese della nostra classica Power Plant, pur assicurando una rapidità e facilità di coltivazione paragonabili alla leggendaria Think Different.

Available in: 3 semi 5 semi

Twilight (Dutch Passion)

A beautiful purple variety with high yields and Afghan taste. Heavy buds and high. 100% Indica.


In our Swiss experiment, we flowered several Dutch and Swiss Skunk clones and several Skunk seed varieties. The goal was to select the best possible Skunk. By hybridizing the best two Skunks, we creat...


The most rewarded variety of recent years in Holland. The plants are white of THC-glands, even on big parts of the fan leaves. A very soft smoke and great high.

Available in: 3 seeds 5 seeds