We offer a wide range of pipes, made from ebony wood, metal, acry or a combination of materials.

Filtri per pipa Corleone

Filtri per pipe Corleone adatti alle pipe in legno. È molto importante sostituire il filtro della tua pipa in legno per manternere il fumo fresco.

Goodfellas George ‘Bugs’ Moran

Sentiti il capo della tua combriccola con questo astuto apparecchio in legno. Un modello di pipa classico, con una lieve forma esagonale sul tubo.

Pipa "Sir"

Pipa da tabacco con disegno Retro in legno duro, per fumare come un signore (duro).

Pipa 'Quei bravi ragazzi'

Pipa stile vintage, in legno duro con un lieve curva nello stelo. Usata dal gangster Leo ‘Lips’ Moceri.

Pipa e portachiavi a funghetto

Un grazioso portachiavi in ferro che si trasforma in una pipa.

Available in: purple black

Pipa Goodfellas 'Peter Milano'

Credi di essere furbo? Beh, questa pipa sicuramente lo confermerebbe. Potresti passare da vero gangster con questa pipa

Pipe glass base

A versatile glass pipe. Suitable as pipe for herbs when the flame is sucked in from the top, but when heated from below it doubles as a vaporizer for oils and concentrates.

Pipe Glass Cosmic Flower

The Cosmic Flower pipe features inside-out artwork. Normally the art is painted on top of the glass, but with this pipe the outer layer is completely untouched glass and the art is just underneath the...

Pipe Glass Gandalf

The favourite pipe of the greatest wizard in Middle Earth. Available as 9" Silver or 12" Frosted White. A flat base on the bowl prevents the pipe from rolling away when you put it down.

Available in: silver frosted white


Pipe glass Gandalf (medium)

Medium-sized glass Gandalf pipe by Red Eye.

Pipe glass Hardcore Spike

Exquisite, handmade glass pipe featuring spikes around the bowl. Length: 14 cm.

Pipe Glass Molecule

This glass pipe by Red Eye was inspired by molecular structure. Watch the smoke pass through the spherical chambers before it reaches your mouth. The longer path allows the smoke to cool.

Pipe Glass Sherlock Eye

Sherlock Holmes had a keen eye and enjoyed a smoke from his mahogany pipe. The Sherlock Eye is what happens when you attempt to combine these two into one glass pipe.

Pipe glass Solid Spoon

Glass spoon pipes with built-in ash catcher. Available in various colours.

Available in: green blue

Pipe glass spoon (iridescent)

Classic Red Eye glass spoon pipe made of clear iridescent glass.

Pipe Glass Stand Up Mushroom

Tiny mushroom pipe with a mushroom cap as mouth piece. The bowl is flat on top so you can put the pipe in an upright position. Colour may vary.

Pipe hardwood Al 'Scarface' Capone

Genuine hardwood Goodfellas smoking pipe for a criminally good smoke. Evokes the sensation of being a socially sophisticated crime boss.

Pipe hardwood Benjamin 'Bugsy' Siegel

A vintage style hardwood pipe named after hitman 'Bugsy' Siegel, with embossed pattern around the bowl.

Pipe hardwood Carlo 'Don Carlo' Gambino

This genuine hardwood pipe suits goodfellas, wise guys and godfathers of crime.

Pipe hardwood Charlie 'Lucky' Luciano

The perfect pipe to sit back, smoke tobacco and plan a smuggling operation or two.

Pipe hardwood Sammy 'The Bull' Gravano

Robust handmade hardwood pipe for a strong tobacco smoke. Just like gangster Sammy 'The Bull' liked it.

Pipe hardwood Vinny 'Gorgeous' Basciano

Handmade Vinny Basciano hardwood pipe by Goodfellas is certainly to kill for. A timeless and elegant classic.

Red Eye One Hitter

Una pipa da un tiro, in vetro lavorato a mano dalla Red Eye, con un bocchino piatto.

Red Eye Poseidone

Questa pipa è piccola, ma ha qualità mistiche. Fatti trasportare dalle onde attraverso i mari, per entrare in regni incantati.

Available in: blu/rosso blu/verde verde blu