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Banana Bros. OTTO Grinder

OTTO della Banana bros. è il primo grinder e apparecchio automatico per girare le canne al mondo.

Electric grinder metal

The electric grinder grinds with one simple push of a button.

Available in: Nero Blue

Grinder Dutch Passion

This beautiful designed metal pollinator grinder features three compartments and a magnetic lid. With a two stage filtering system this grinder separates the pollen crystals by allowing them to fall t...

Grinder imbuto (Delta 3D Studios)

Vuoi trasferire la tua erba da grinder a vaporizzatore? Evita qualsiasi spreco con questo comodo imbuto.

Grinder metal mill (4 parts)

A sling grinder that does the work for you.

Available in: Nero Blue

Grinder metal The Rocket

All purpose metal grinder hides some interesting features.

Grinder Pokemon (3 parts)

Pokémon, gotta catch 'em all! And perhaps keep them in one of these colourful Poké Ball grinders made of metal.

Available in: Mostarda & Giallo Nero & Rosso Blu & Rosso Viola & Marrone Nero & Giallo Verde scuro & chairo

Grinder Star Wars (3 parts)

A three-part metal Star Wars grinder to satisfy any fan whilst grinding.

Grinder the Bulldog Engraved

The original engraved grinder from The Bulldog. Metal 4 part Grinder with shark teeth.

Grinder Thorinder

Durable and efficient metal grinder with a very special look.

Available in: argento arancia blu

Grinder Thorinder Mini

The Thorinder Mini is a smaller but very efficient version of the Thorinder grinder.

Available in: arancia Blue argento

Original Quick Grinder V3 polyethylene r...

The polyethylene ring is an spare part for the Original Quick Grinder. The ring helps keep the Quick Grinder pieces together, as well as allowing its grinding motion.

Original Quick Grinder V3 replacement ki...

The Quick Grinder V3 is a tough grinder, but a thorough cleaning might make one or more components go missing. This kit contains several spare parts to make the grinder as good as new again.

Quick Grinder V3

Il Quick Grinder V3 ha un sistema di svuotamento molto sofisticato, un aggancio per la chiusura, e un posizionamento con diverse angolature degli aghi, per una migliore prestazione.

Available in: champagne blue green black red pink orange grey gold cyan SILVER purple