No headshop would be complete without a nice collection of water pipes. We offer bongs made from different materials, in different sizes and various designs.

Cheech & Chong Hamburger

A Cheech & Chong bong covered with Pee Wee Herman and hamburger print.

Cheech & Chong Original Stoners

Tall glass bong with triangle bowl.

EHLE Downtube Socket (attacco per il tub...

Questi riduttori per il tubo inferiore funzionano da adattatori per il tuo bong.

Available in: 14.5 mm 18.8 mm

EHLE Funnel-Shaped Bowl

This borosilicate glass funnel-shaped bowl will fit any EHLE bong with pinpoint precision, but can also be used with other 14.5 or 18.8 mm joint bongs.

GEAR 14/20 Pull-Out Bowl

The standard GEAR pull-out bowl, for use with the Chillaxer or Colour Changing GEAR bongs.

Red Eye Da Funk

The 7 mm thick glass in this bong is infused with metal ions which makes it change colour the more you use it. A thorough cleaning will reset the effect.


Advanced and powerful bong, pipe and vaporizer cleaning formula. Eco friendly, biodegradable and reusable up to 3 times.